You’re in luck: Some people are putting their sweaters on the Internet

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Sweaters on the Web

Sometimes we just want to hang out in our underwear and watch cartoons. If you’re thinking of doing that (or live in Minnesota) but want to see pictures of Vans Vibes in action, you’re in luck. But not before checking out this collection of images on the Neopets network of people putting their sweaters on the Internet.

On Neopets, which is like a mix between Habbo Hotel and Mixxxy, people all over the world can go online and chat with each other. The site focuses on creating “powerful social experiences” for those who use it. Neopets was acquired by real-world social network operator, eHarmony, last year.

In a follow-up article, Neopets added a feature to its website where the site lets users search for photos and find photos of anyone wearing sweaters on the web. This includes a search option for a specific designer.

According to The International Business Times, the search for sweaters on Neopets is a limited thing at this point and not a search feature available to the rest of Neopets.

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