Why does everyone hate music? Summer is a great time for pop tracks.

When it comes to spring time, holiday season, childhood memories or any other recurrent emotion in the human mind, everyone loves some kind of outdoor soundtrack. My initial reaction to this was “why does everybody hate music?!” Since when do you dislike songs? There’s probably nothing better than a sunset or a perfectly temperate climate to take your mind off the unseasonably gloomy days.

While I did realize that my irrational cynicism was misplaced – summer is quite delightful without music – I was still confused by the range of melodies, tempos and attitudes that make their way into our everyday lives year after year.

Whether it’s your own taste, or whether it’s popular trends that grab your attention when the winter season drags on, there are undoubtedly pop songs out there that affect everyone. While each year may see the release of new classics, there are also a slew of other relatively obscure, popular and experimental songs that won’t make you question why summer is better than winter.

Follow these five reasons why it’s become music season, and love the tunes that come with them.

1. Summertime.

“I wanna thank the gods for summer. Some days it can’t even be enjoyed, but all the stuff I do during the winter I want to share with you now, I’ve been waiting. I could scream ‘thank you’ all night long.” -Leonard Cohen, “Anthem”

Summer brings with it an awesome weather outside, a boardwalk, a breeze that’s so nice it turns things sour and parties that will make you wish you had more cash. While the choices are endless, the pop of summer makes these thoughts seem like wise excuses.

2. Ditto for holidays.

“Sometimes you’ve got to take a day off and let me be merry / Leave you here and let’s get to Christmas.” -Mariah Carey, “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Christmas makes almost everyone happy, whether it’s surrounding a special family meal or visiting a friends house to catch up over a drink. But more often than not, there are many other holiday songs that come with their own meanings.

3. The license plate is compulsory.

“Let’s rockin’ to the radio / If you’re on and you know what I mean / Let’s play ’em loud and get it down / We don’t play by that finger theory / So don’t knock ’em down / A bit of rock ‘n’ roll / Belong to the highway / And your town.” -Jay Z, “H.A.M.”

The First Amendment is an amazing thing – you can say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t violate someone else’s rights. But even when cars can’t get stopped – with freestyle rap, dogs on motorcycles and freak shows, who is counting. My favorite is “H.A.M.”

4. Excess is good.

“Someone said have one happy birthday / So here we are for one!” -Chuck Berry, “Johnny B. Goode”

Well, at least one person can be a very happy birthday … right? Nothing beats a celebration of a particular person and the message that the music provides. Chuck Berry was already one of the legends of rock n’ roll when this song was released in 1958. And it’s likely that what Berry expressed was the way we felt in the early part of the 1950s. Today, “Johnny B. Goode” might not be as timeless, but it’s safe to say that Berry’s gift for pop is still alive and well.

5. Party first, worry later.

“Let’s get dancing. Let’s get rolling. What’s that in your pocket?” -Adam Sandler, “I Want You Back”

One of the most fun songs I’ve ever heard, “I Want You Back” puts Sandler in a laid back frame of mind. There are no worries, no worries. You just go out and enjoy every detail, no matter how trivial. Nothing to worry about. However, a more modern twist on the song can be found in Adele’s “Hello.”

So try these five arguments, break out your ukulele and get that summer feeling.

Theresa Paul is a relationship expert, parenting blogger and the host of the “Life Lessons” podcast.

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