White House: Recordings of leaked VP son’s voice mail are ‘fake news’

Vice President Joe Biden has doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump for adopting a foreign policy opposed to his father’s – and in so doing has apparently infuriated his son, also a prominent lawyer and former Delaware Senate candidate. In a timely Twitter post on 27 March 2017, Joe Biden wrote “My son calls me and says, ‘Dad, Putin is coming to breakfast tomorrow morning.’… Can we expect to see his dad in a lot of wars before he’s president, Joe?” And on 17 May 2017, Biden acknowledged that the Russians were involved in WikiLeaks’ release of the stolen emails of Democrats from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. He then backtracked.

“Sure, the Russians have been beating the bushes in the United States looking for this information,” Biden told The Atlantic in September. “I really could not be more sceptical. The bigger question, I think, is just how extensive is their data-mining operation?”

His son isn’t so skeptical. In a response to Joe Biden’s own statement, Team Clinton released a statement from him saying, “The Russian government has made no secret of their efforts to interfere in our election. As with so many other conspiracy theories, you can’t trust the people who purport to know what’s going on.”

Biden’s scolding of his son’s then-anonymous phone call has appeared in an explosive video obtained by Project Veritas. The brand new project is coordinated by the same man responsible for the Fake News Crisis video released earlier this month in which President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr defended WikiLeaks and discussed WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, calling it “a civil organisation” and saying the group had “no agenda.” (Trump Jr deleted the original tweet after it was noticed, but did not delete the tweet.)

The next video was released Tuesday night. In it, a woman identified as Ashley Biden appears to brag about receiving a script from a producer to insert into her voice mail on her phone, which she said revealed a complete transcript of her husband’s call to “Russia.” The clip cuts to footage of Ashley Biden standing in front of the White House with the script – in which she gives the exact line she was asked to use, “Now, you know who I am, Don.” She says it was recorded on 25 April 2018.

The text does not appear in the now-deleted transcript released by Team Clinton, or in the footage released by Project Veritas. But it does appear in the transcript revealed by Team Clinton.

Given that Ashley Biden spoke from a certain time on the line, the transcript could presumably have been edited and then passed on to the producer in the final version – or a similar company – for a similar purpose.

(John Brennan, former CIA director and Obama administration national security adviser, called the footage from Project Veritas a “chilling reminder of the post-truth era.”)

In an interview with CNN’s Van Jones on Wednesday, the President of the United States laid into Team Clinton’s attempt to unmask what is perhaps the most notable insider speech of the political campaign, anyway.

“You know, you can’t fake that,” Trump said. “You know, it’s so dishonest and so corrupt. And she ran and many other Democrats did, and they just love to be fake in terms of their real feelings, fake in terms of their emotions. And that’s fine. They can do that. They don’t have to lie. They don’t have to say anything else. They can just say, ‘I just don’t feel right about this at all,’ which is all they can say. They’re just so biased and so corrupt.”

(The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)

Watch Team Clinton’s initial email to Ashley Biden on the 29th April, 2017:

Watch Team Clinton’s email to Ashley Biden on 25 April, 2018:

Watch Ashley Biden’s text to her husband:

Watch Team Clinton’s transcript:

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