Trump not suffering from Russia probe depression? He tweets in support of Mike Pompeo’s CIA nomination

Ingraham guest warns vax mandates at restaurants are government overreach: ‘People should be very scared’ The consensus on the “Ingraham Angle” that Starnes’ warning of potential backlash against restaurants that mandate vaccination of their customers proved on point to a backlash Twitter storm that some deemed to be overblown.

Some would like to also admonish the widely viewed “Wash Your Hands!” viral YouTube video — which includes a large mixed group of employees and customers– for not documenting which of the non-dairy beverages were topped with the least amount of unneeded flavoring and butter to aid the smooth naturalness of the drink.

But, in reality, no one at McDonald’s was required to drink the said sugar-tainted beverage, and the viral video which sees more people trying to drink what would have been healthy in some cases has helped spread the message about the current food chain.

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