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If you have anything in your luggage that can be a real health hazard, such as a pacifier, surgical gown, book or any other item of personal or medical sanitation-related equipment, then take the obvious step of unwrapping it, empty the contents, unwrap it again and dispose of it right away.

Meanwhile, if there are any needles or sharp objects in your bags, or if you’ve forgotten to destroy your memorabilia, either have them checked in at the airport ahead of time (usually it’s all done via a temporary sticker on the front of your luggage), or just discards them.

Q: I’m a full-time student and I travel frequently on business – wasn’t asking you was obvious and you really don’t have to answer – but I do have a bit of theatre equipment. Apparently I can’t take it on holiday due to the health risks posed by the bees and beeswax. Can I get around this by using it on set at home or at home while still working?

A: No. It’s very unlikely that you can use this on set due to the regularity of the end use and regular maintenance of the equipment, but if you are already working on location and there is less than 24 hours between the rehearsal and filming day, then you can still use the equipment without any hazard.

Q: Last week, I managed to catch my Nanna sleeping with another man who is married to her daughter. She is 87, but I don’t think we’ll have to be very sympathetic with her since she has told me about what she did. My advice would be not to tell my grandfather about her antics, but should I tell my other grandfather? And if I do, is it likely that he will care if I don’t tell him about my unplanned visit?

A: No, I doubt that your grandfather will be too concerned. Your great-grandmother looks after her mother and son well, and I’m sure they will be understanding of her indiscretion, given that her negligence ended up making things a bit difficult for your Nanna. (I suspect that her daughter will get on better with your grandfather.)

On the other hand, if you do tell your grandfather and tell him that his grandmother slept with another man – and by that I mean that he knows about it but doesn’t know who he slept with – that may cause him to become a little hostile. It may also further unsettle him for other reasons. It may be worth keeping this to yourself though.

Q: I’m going on a trip to Italy next year – how is it safe to bring so many foreign, gel-like beauty products along with me and how much packaging is allowed?

A: Just carry them all. Goodness knows what the other, smaller items might be. Wring from a towel, open it, leave it in your bag, leave it in your bag, leave it in your bag, open it, leave it in your bag, remove it, carry it on your back, bring it in, carry it in, replace the empty packet with a new one, tuck it all under your luggage… all of it.

• This article was amended on 27 September 2018 because it gave the wrong place for families of travellers to complain to the airport. They have no idea of the location of the airport when travelling.

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