Toronto real estate listings offered up for sale and last sale date

Written by: S. Mayank Khemka

Despite the rainy weekend, many of the Toronto real estate realtors we spoke to weren’t bracing for an uptick in demand this month. They’re looking forward to the GTA Spring Market Event, in March.

In other words, the market will return to normal soon, and there’s no reason to panic right now. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind with the GTA Market Event, where properties are up for sale across the GTA between February 15 and April 15.

The Toronto Real Estate Board expects the number of GTA Real Estate Board sales and MLS listings to be about 2% and 9% lower than in 2017, respectively.

Being proactive, real estate agents have begun offering thematic listings, like this current one for which the BRB is suggesting “casual drinks from a cute pink flamingo.”

For more photos of upcoming GTA Real Estate Board listings, go to its free listing page, which offers details on each property, including distance, distance for the city, overall design, price and when it’s on the market.

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