The Weekend’s Best Fashion and Beauty Gifts

For this year’s art week, I’m getting some new things from the brand included in our features.

– Béatrice Langellier, Beauty Director

A Mally Apolis for Tokyo Airlines Oyster Flask ($38)

Carrying water in between flights can be taxing. The Mally Oyster Flask is the perfect solution. It is made from beautifully lined clear canvas and includes a water bottle holder, an air freshener, and a clip that allows you to attach it to the back of your clothes.

– Johannah Masters, Bon Appétit Managing Editor

BENELUX Natural Fur Collar ($131)

Fur will always be a timeless style, and the Benelux Natural Fur Collar from Benelux will be a perennial favorite. Its plush detail is toasty warm and will look great with jeans, a cozy sweater, or most any outfit.

– Simone de Gracia, Salon Director

Radikal Blowdry ($270)

I’m shopping for a Radikal by Mineral Fusion ($270) by Mineral Fusion because of the story behind it. The individual products — from the cult favorites to the decades-old favorites — are a fun and engaging way to blend color, body and skin care. For more info, head to the website.

– Heather Havrilesky, columnist

Energie After Hours Bare Skin Bronzer ($12)

The Energie After Hours bronzer is a little softer, a little more subtle than you might expect, and way more sensual. There’s something seductive about the way it rubs onto the skin, and with a hint of rose blush it can give you a subtle, lit-from-within glow. There are other bronzer options in this collection, but I think Energie is the one to steal.

– Hilary Weaver, E! News senior correspondent

The One Bride by Michelle Pfeiffer collection ($38-$137)

While a fabulous photographer who captures women’s emotions, it’s the One Bride cocktail rings that will complete my wedding. While most brides wait until they have a henna tattoo before they start counting down the days until their wedding day, I’m doing it a little earlier. I want my fiancé to know I’m ready.

– Malina Saval, Lifestyle Editor

XOXO® Fabulous Necklace ($105)

Imagine not wearing a scarf around your neck. Imagine not being able to see your signature necklace. XOXO’s Fabulous Necklace makes that possible. Made of Americanmade sterling silver, the beautiful necklace shimmers with XOXO’s signature champagne hue.

– Alex Newell, O, The Oprah Magazine Associate Editor

XOXO® Lifestyle Choice Grain Masculinities Collection ($47)

Every morning, I have to leave my boyfriend with empty crackers in my handbag for the cereal, so this would make a handy snack. I’m also obsessed with XOXO’s on-trend Love on Water Plus Juices.

– Erica E. Riggs, Career Writer

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