The lengths people will go to for the perfect picture

Image: Vancouver Bergmann

Those minutes when you are falling asleep in bed and feel sure of a heavy rain shower tumbling down behind you are known as “rain kick”, although you know better than to worry. There is no storm in this picture, only a light drizzle hitting the leafy roof tiles on what looks like a “back terrace”.

With its broad hollow roofs and bricks studded with detailed timber flashing, the gutsy terrace of this house in Ottawa, Canada, looks more at home on a Shakespeare set than a home. To add more depth to this otherworldly house, the lighting is presented to all levels of the structure, as if it were backed by more than a traditional window. The lights angle down into the middle and cluster up in the roof cavities to create their own light environment. This gives the facade an airy quality but leaves room for warmth inside.

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