Stolen at Birth review – a moving and complicated story

Written by Delia Rickard, based on her 2016 book and co-authored with Orian O’Reilly, this book about adoption and its later consequences is an essential read and one of those rarity books that has already altered lives of its authors.

The novel begins with 15-year-old Rebecca Radmacher, who is adopted into an Ohio family as a young girl. The Radmacher family believe Rebecca is a beautiful child who is special to them, yet when they bring her home to meet aunts, uncles, cousins and various others who wonder and wonder what happened to their biological sister, they discover that things just aren’t quite what they appear to be.

I won’t reveal much more. It will spoil the story, but in the end I believe it will make us wonder even more. The book is an important story about loss, regret, and friendship – not to mention a true story about adoption and how it can take on a life of its own.

Adoption can be a wholehearted and beautiful process but for those who feel pressure to adopt, it can be a wrenching experience that can make up a huge part of our childhood. “Stolen at Birth” is a moving story about an adoption in the 1960s that resulted in a complicated and fractured relationship for the Radmacher’s children.

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