Singapore passengers sought for flu vaccine

Singapore Airlines says it is testing the use of a passenger-controlled public health scheme in its cabin. Under the scheme passengers who develop the flu can be given a vaccine to protect their crew. It will be considered for all aircraft based in Singapore. The airline says that under the scheme it wants to get a full vaccination of its crew for its customers.

What are the exceptions? The scheme would also, it added, protect passengers who are travelling with a contagious disease. An airline spokesman told the BBC that Singapore Airlines “would never compromise on safety by not having the most up-to-date flu vaccines”. ‘Motivated’ Mr Jin Donggun, an immunologist at the University of Singapore, told the BBC that he had “seen hints” in papers about the plan, but said he was not sure whether it would be able to be implemented without public health problems. Singapore Airlines is already concerned about cabin outbreaks of diseases, having been embroiled in a number in the past, he said. However, passengers’ motivation to be vaccinated would not prevent outbreaks from breaking out, he added. Singapore’s own passenger-control scheme, known as Thomas, was devised to help combat airline-related outbreaks of disease that did not pose a risk to crew or passengers.

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