‘Silent Night’ Revisited: Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Ted Performs a Christmas Song

Kellyanne Conway’s husband Ted used his spare time this past Christmas to record a heartwarming message in the Ted Lasso short film – a remake of the infamous Grammy-nominated track “Silent Night.”

According to The Hill, Ted wrote an original song to be part of the animated movie “Ted Lasso: The Man by the Lake,” a story based on the book by their daughter, Taylor Conway.

The message Ted composed for Ted Lasso and the Nativity Scene chorus, while singing a song about Christmas, was a surprise for his wife.

“It was my idea, and he’s probably never going to admit that,” Kellyanne Conway told The Hill. “I’m sure he’ll always remember it because it shows the kind of person he is, and he can write songs about Christmas and still believe in the power of Christmas.”

The Christmas song written by Ted Conway about Christmas. pic.twitter.com/XBBl9CIMtU — Taylor Conway (@tayteventurine) November 25, 2018

Kellyanne Conway and Taylor Conway were also featured on 60 Minutes to talk about how their family still celebrates Christmas even as the first couple of Fox News, today both work in the White House.

“We sit there and we play these Christmas records and I serenade her,” Conway said. “To see this holiday coming every year for us, it’s just—it’s just the most wonderful thing.”

Taylor Conway is the President and CEO of She Wins, a mentoring program aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs.

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