Roger Federer says being a legend of tennis is ‘really important’

HANOVER, Germany – Roger Federer said it’s only right he celebrates his 20th year as a professional with his first French Open final.

“Some people say it doesn’t matter to them, but it’s great to have some sort of legacy in 20 years,” said Federer. “It will forever be there for me and my kids, so it’s really important to us.”

Coach Stefan Edberg, who will be at Roland Garros this week to watch the Swiss take on Gael Monfils, was the first to witness Federer being introduced to tennis. He said it took Federer an hour to play 18 shots.

“I was a very keen tennis player and was running out of time for tennis, so I taught him everything from passing the ball to hitting the ball with the racket,” Edberg said. “I remember when I played the forehand he took time to walk back to the baseline and put the ball in the court, so I knew he was going to be a top player.

“The beauty of him is that not only can he play forever, but also he stays connected to tennis and he knows the value of what he does and what it means.

“He will probably go another six to seven months or so before he retires and then we will see what the future holds. He is very content with who he is right now. He doesn’t have a ‘maybe’ next year. He is the obvious answer.”

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