Rappers Drake and Kanye to unite at hip-hop festival

Written by By Lauren Ashe, CNN

Two of hip-hop’s biggest stars are set to make their first-ever joint appearance at the Made in America festival this weekend.

When Kanye West and Drake will take the stage Saturday night, fans are expected to get their wish for several elaborate — and, at times, bizarre — outfits worn by attendees.

“Where we’re from, people, it’s more like, ‘That’s you, why ain’t you coming out and doin’ it with your homies?'” said Karen Andersen, 31, an Indianapolis resident who got her Saturday night “RIP” t-shirt from her friend’s mom. She attended the festival in Philadelphia, where the event is taking place, with her best friend, her cat, her family and her boyfriend.

In a world of “legit Muslim rock stars,” said Ramirez Butler, 46, of Los Angeles, it was also important for West to wear his “I don’t be Home” tank top. “It really unifies the event,” Butler said. “It’s an emotional thing.”

Social media was abuzz with photos of attendees.

Drake’s appearance will be billed as his first appearance at a festival — although he played in Toronto last summer and shared the stage with A Tribe Called Quest at the BET Awards in June.

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Tina Esquilant, 43, attended her second Made in America festival with her friend on Saturday. Esquilant, an attorney who lives in New York, brought herself and her friend into the park in Philadelphia wearing, among other things, a pair of pink feather earrings and a headband, a pink leather and leopard-print jacket, and a grey leather and silver hookah pipe.

“To be honest, I feel more exuberant and confident in myself than I ever have,” she said. “It’s important to me that I feel strong and can handle myself on stage or if I go to a strip club.”

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