Psychological Study Shows Crippling Health Impact of Pregnant Women With ‘Myers Capricorn Syndrome’

Eric Lurie just recently started to study the connection between vaccines and Myers Capricorn Syndrome, which causes a woman’s immune system to react to a virus like pertussis, all the way up to flu and pneumonia.

Lurie is one of a handful of researchers doing rigorous field studies in a demographic that rarely gets studies done on vaccines – women in their 30s.

“You haven’t known this,” Lurie said. “All of a sudden, here, in her 30s, suddenly, these very healthy mothers are being treated for — kind of, life-threatening disease, with low-grade lesions and retinal lesions and complications with their care.”

Mothers with MCS have a substantial number of miscarriages and other placental problems and high rates of severe outcomes that suggest they have an overall weak immune system. Many MCS patients end up in childhood intensive care, where their life-long complications can include developmental delays, seizures, cerebral palsy and even death.

Scientists had looked at children to see if they had an immune response to pertussis but, for the past three years, Lurie has been conducting field studies of women in their 30s and trying to prove that vaccines prevent MCS.

He’s found that the vaccines are having a profound effect on a woman’s body. The pregnant women who have the highest prevalence of MCS have also had the highest vaccination rates in their community.

“But she’s still having these severe brain issues, because her immunization days in her 30s, were much worse than those of her children who had been vaccinated,” Lurie said.

“And we could be thinking that she was ill before she was vaccinated, but her vaccine days, in her 30s, pre-vaccine, were way, way worse than her vaccination days in her 10s and 20s. So that’s a compelling message, when you think of it. And I think the challenge is still, no, you have to have a vaccine or treatment.”

Lurie said MCS has about 10 times the prevalence as autism.

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