Pretty much the cutest thing ever (video)

She’s got wings, she’s got London and she’s got a long way to go. That’s Zara Rutherford, aka “Zara the Apache,” the pilot whose complete and utter awesomeness became the subject of a viral video last year. But in a move that is the pinnacle of basic-training wisdom, Rutherford and her co-pilot teamed up with Ed Riley, a friend from Alabama and current Boston University student, to find the perfect friend to help make their flight happen. Taking off over Seoul on Thursday, May 17, Rutherford was flown 1,198 miles by Riley, flying — along with his brand new trusty dog, Chuck, a bichon frise.

Rutherford tells USA Today that this flight wasn’t really a big deal for her. “It wasn’t a big deal at all, but I’m really happy,” Rutherford told the news outlet, who had followed her as she returned from Bangkok with plans to try her hand in the sky. “I think if we would have flown a different route, we probably wouldn’t have landed.”

Let’s all appreciate Rutherford and Riley’s hard work, as we can’t stop thinking about this 10-second video. We’ll never see things this good again.

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