Pew Research Center Study: Studies Find Generation Z Is ‘Slim’

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Age ain’t nothing but a number.

But in the real world, it means something.

FOX’s Lisa Brady has the latest live blog from the FOX Business Network:

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The ‘Slim’ generation, you might say.

A new Pew Research Center study finds that if Gen Z follows the lead of millennials, we should expect the skinny jeans to be phased out within the next decade.

In fact, 59% say they’re ok with shorter leg jeans and two-thirds say they’re ok with tighter jeans.

Leaders, too. Just 36% say they’re OK with being digitally based. 67% say they don’t think they use technology too much.

Pew says the poll comes at a time of increasing digital disenchantment, according to a study by Brand USA. According to the organization, 40% of Gen Z is either outright despondent about how connected society is becoming, or confused, disillusioned, or furious.

If you’re that 38-year-old executive, it could be this data could effect your career, too. 55% say they would have to rely on social media to maintain professional relationships.

Here at FOX Business Network, I’m Lisa Brady, FOX News.

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