Nick Cannon, Katy Perry, Gordon Ramsay and Snoop Dogg declare ‘Voice’ winner on ‘The Masked Singer’

A new champion was crowned Thursday night on Fox’s The Masked Singer — but the American Idol-style karaoke contest couldn’t decide who they should honor. The winner was revealed in an hour-long finale that devoted much of its time to the long-running tradition of dropping secrets that only the judges knew.

Before choosing any of the contestants, the show had a tough choice to make: whose hidden identity was that of Snoop Dogg? The billowing green suit turned out to be Katy Perry, who performed “California Gurls” in a bit of a miscue as she ditched the opening lines to spout “water fountains” in the styling of a water-powered butterfly. This moment left Snoop Dogg, who grew up in Jamaica, Queens, as the runaway frontrunner and a contestant in the competition’s same reality bubble as fellow celebrity guest Pharrell Williams, the world’s reigning pop genius and guest judge on Tuesday’s episode.

Snoop Dogg’s coronation on Thursday night came almost exactly a year after he introduced America to his hidden identity as a singing animal. “You know these judges don’t understand anything,” he said last season. “They’re only focused on the fact that I don’t have a nose.” In a twist, his performance served as an audition for Season 6.

The show’s Season 6 coronation season turned out to be an inaugural chart-topper for Snoop Dogg, The Masked Singer competitor, as he successfully wrapped up the popular competition with its Tuesday episode. Snoop Dogg and co-host Nikki Glaser exchanged playful punches, but Snoop Dogg placed the blame mostly with them. As for the show’s recent success, Snoop Dogg seemed blindsided. “They gonna be watching for me next year,” he said.

That’s music to the ears of those hoping the show follows in the footsteps of The Voice and replaces it with a vocal competition for multi-millionaires. Host Nick Cannon kicked off the final episode of this season by revealing more long-lost details about the contest, including the fact that the elaborate costumes were created with help from none other than Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, and rumblings that the contestants’ secret identities were not just inside of the red and black suit.

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