Mail abortion becomes legal, reversing months of battles in Congress and HHS

The federal government announced late Thursday it will legally allow most abortion pills to be legally dispensed by mail, reversing course following months of highly restrictive pro-life efforts that has threatened to close a network of pregnancy counseling centers across the country.

Starting Friday, early-onset abortions could be licensed in the states by mail.

Abortion rights supporters immediately celebrated the move, saying it would decrease unwanted pregnancies and costs associated with abortion and return abortion to the free-flowing market where other life-affirming and less invasive procedures are also available.

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The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a leading abortion provider, applauded the Department of Health and Human Services for recognizing the “critical role of medication abortion providers” and its “effective public health record.”

A bill to protect the safety of abortion providers was the catalyst for this historic change. This has not happened since 1971.

The move is a long time coming. My biggest goal was to make abortion safe for everyone.

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