Keanu Reeves on falling from six stories

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Keanu Reeves jumps off buildings again in an upcoming “Matrix” film, and the actor tells Men’s Health he understands why the stunt sometimes feels “awful.”

“It’s hard, actually,” Reeves said in an interview published last week. “Because it’s something that you never did in your life.”

The 51-year-old actor will jump from six stories tall on his first take, for “the most extreme jump in the world.” (No word if it’s a stunt from the “Matrix” film trilogy or another of the actor’s beloved roles.)

“The moment I got up there, I realized it’s so out of my comfort zone, and I was almost hitting my head on the top of the walls and my feet just falling off,” he said. “The good thing is, because of the way the building is constructed, and because of all the preparation I had, I didn’t have to lift as much as I thought I would.”

Reeves said he required “a maximum of [a] nine-pack, just so it wouldn’t totally crush me.” The stunt took a little more than an hour to complete, the actor said.

“I was more terrified in rehearsal,” he said. “And then I got out there, and it was all real. And it was a completely different way of feeling. It’s this incredible adrenaline rush.”

The first part of the film features him jumping from a great height at the Zurich airport (while jet skiing), he said. The second half shows him jumping, again from the sky, to a theater in New York.

The 2015 action movie is based on the popular 2003 sci-fi trilogy directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski, two siblings who began working together on the 1990 film “The Matrix.” That movie was based on the 1973 novel “The Matrix,” which by then had been reworked and published by the cultish Japanese sci-fi magazine “Viz,” which the Wachowskis used to their advantage, and wove “the usual metaphysical nonsense about brainwashing and the very soul of humanity and all that.”

“We always try to up the ante when we do something,” Reeves said. “So, because it was this height, we actually were wondering whether, if there’s someone up there looking down at us, if we had any fear of falling off. And then we realized, ‘Oh, there’s not enough fear.'”

The film is scheduled for release in the summer.

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