Joe Biden says he’d be the most electable candidate if he ran for president again

Responds to Biden: “Frankly you’d be a better president” if your first term was as bad as your second

I spent much of Thursday trying to sort out the most salient comments Madeleine Albright made to Diane Sawyer about the possibility of a Barack Obama-Joe Biden run in 2020:

” … I think he will be, if he decides to run,” Albright told Sawyer on Thursday. “To say, you know what? He was vice president, I think they’d better have another term.

“But he is as strong and enthusiastic and driven and committed as ever,” Albright added. “And I think he would be the strongest nominee if he ran.”

Following on Albright’s analysis, Biden told Sawyer: “I just think she’s wrong. I will not ever run for president again, at least not as an independent. I am not running for president again.”

At the time I thought it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise if Biden ran again as he has already given an interview to ABC News, saying that he didn’t see a scenario in which he and his wife of 46 years would never run for president again.

Well, I was wrong.

Now CNN is reporting that Biden is considering running in 2020, despite his statement to ABC News that he wouldn’t.

Biden, 68, responded to the reports by telling CNN’s Manu Raju that he and Albright have “never discussed how [he could run].”

Not true, Biden said, reiterating that the only time they have talked about it was when Albright ran for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton in 2008.

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