‘I knew he would not stop’: fire at homeless man’s apartment prompt probe

Weeks after an unidentified 22-year-old man reportedly died in Brooklyn from chest burns that were caused by two tiny mirrors that burst into flames, the city’s attorney general is investigating.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the man, who died on 15 May, was killed by the stun gun or other medication he was allegedly being administered. A shocking report from prosecutors says that the man’s current and former landlords told authorities that he had grabbed the mirrors at the Morningside Heights apartment complex. He was hit twice with stun guns before he suffered severe burns, police say.

Fearing the man would retaliate, authorities say his landlord ran him out of the apartment. Then he put two mirrors into a plastic container and set it on fire.

What started as a desk fire spread within minutes, according to the Daily News, and he died on May 15 at Harlem hospital. An autopsy found that the man died from thermal and chemical burns. His identity has not been released.

For all of the recent attention to the U.S. criminal justice system’s rampant use of excessive force by law enforcement officers, it appears this death wasn’t covered at all by the local news. But it’s not the first time the issue has come up.

Last month, a Georgia woman named Terrance Donnell Moore Jr. allegedly shot and killed a 37-year-old man in the face by stepping on his head with a 9mm handgun, after he thought he saw the victim attempting to steal his girlfriend’s motorcycle. Police say Moore has admitted to the crime. It was reported to be the county’s first shooting of this kind since police started reporting how many shootings they had investigated in 2015.

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