Here Is What To Expect From Turkey Right Now [Opinion]

Right now Turkish stock markets are down 15%, Turkish Borsa 100 is down 10%, Turkish depositary receipts in London are down 23% and Turkish Lira (TRY) has plunged to 5.21 against the U.S. dollar.

It was only two weeks ago that the Borsa 100 was up 32% compared to last year.

At this point, Turkish TIPID (targets of US officials) should be America’s friends. However, things are extremely harsh. Incensed American citizens with loved ones living in Turkey and receiving Turkey-American aid are facing terror prosecutions.

[Author of that day’s game put it all in perspective for me:]

Any “forbidden” messages are being recorded. I am so tired of them sending our embassies people to “bring back this for me” so that they can have answers to the charges.

Russia has been completely slapped down and left sitting out this battle. The US Navy has been patrolling the waters around Turkey or Iraq and has attacked two ships that Turkey sent into those waters.

The US is acting very differently towards our friends in Turkey today as compared to our friends in Iraq in 2003.

I do see a smile coming across Erdogan’s face lately. He will get what he wants. The people are being left behind. The people will pay the price in blood and economic destruction.

This is by no means over.

The Turks will not stop attempting to fight us. So will we continue to confront them? Why is this message being put out now? Is it too late to avoid this confrontation? Will we continue to do so, especially if Trump comes to the table?

It’s a never-ending conflict. We cannot do it alone, but we have to try. Let’s make this truce? If the Turks don’t get their way in the end, they are going to suffer in retaliation. Don’t you think?

It does not look good right now. I mean, with the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, our problem in Syria, political unrest in Libya and Nigeria, many more wars to fight for, and yet we are looking at Turkey being put in a tough position.

Ruthie Ford

Editor’s Note: This column has been re-posted from The Gild.

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