Former Senator John Danforth Talks Putin and Trump Video Conferences

Former Senator John Danforth (R-Mo.), US Ambassador to the United Nations during the Clinton administration, joined The Kelly File to share his thoughts on the latest news out of Moscow, Russia. The two leaders were photographed holding a video conference session to discuss their disputes, including the war in Syria, after talks Wednesday. But what else are we learning from the video conference, and how will it affect the final outcome of these high stakes talks? Danforth explained.


Kelly, the message is yes there’s some tension here and perhaps some personal tension which of course has a relationship to any relationship. It remains, it’s a bit of a mystery exactly what the relationship is between these two men and this video conference. And whether there’s any actually progress to report. We don’t know what these videos are about or if this is a sort of a rotating meeting between the two and more then we’ll report when we see the results of it.

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