Bill O’Reilly: Minnesota’s Pipeline Plan Is a Historic Step in Limiting Fuel Prices

(Bill O’Reilly) Ed Dobransky:

It will be, of course, officially (applause) approved tomorrow by the President of the United States. The President’s endorsement of the pipeline is expected to move the legislation through Congress.

It will be done in Minnesota’s State House and Senate, where so many people in Minnesota have changed their lives during this pandemic.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton announced this weekend that he was abandoning his plan to send 4,000 National Guard troops and other state resources to aid Iowa in its cleanup from the second and most severe of two epic events that struck America. But it was a Minnesota casualty which provided that uncertainty.


GOV. MARK DAYTON (D), MINNESOTA: Our emergency managers have told us that there is an increased threat to Minnesota and that we would be forced to divert more state resources from other priorities to deal with this.


Ed, this is a classic Minnesota decision. The governor’s out of state trip to negotiate the pipeline route may take him to the heart of the storm. It may be the driving factor behind his decision. However, Governor Dayton does have a point.

Texas took it on the chin back in 2001, the worst hurricane in U.S. history, 11 dead, $300 billion damage, 5,000 dead in America.

California’s coastline was decimated, too.

But that did not sway Governor Gray Davis from fighting to protect a pipeline there and in California. The governor who lost his bid for reelection in 2002 fought hard to pass a series of laws, presumably designed to keep energy flows moving uninterrupted.

In fact, Davis was looking at a $9 billion net loss as oil from Iraq, specifically Iraqi refineries flowed into the tank farms. With no pipeline the oil from Iraq flowed into California, where it has not been stopped ever since.

Here in Minnesota, the state would suffer big if it becomes flooded. Ed, there’s a math. There’s going to be some massive flooding here. It will kill people and it will bring business to a halt in towns that never recovered from the last flood. This pipeline is critical.

Governor Dayton says he will meet again with his emergency management staff. We assume that will be tomorrow. But it’s up to the Minnesota government to embrace this pipeline, understand that and approve it. It will be a historic step in mitigating the damage if the pipeline plan is approved. It will be a major job creator for the state.

We must get control of fuel prices in this country. They’re out of control and the Federal government is not doing anything about it.

The truth is this pipeline will stimulate the economy. There will be good paying construction jobs. And oil companies will make a profit.

And that’s “The Memo”.

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