Betty White is turning 100 and we’re all invited

The 90-year-old actress announced plans on Monday for a party to mark her birthday

Betty White is turning 100 and we’re all invited

On Tuesday, Hollywood officially entered a new decade.

American comedic actor and longtime TV star Betty White, whose career spanned decades and that of many decades, is now turning 100.

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Betty White, who has become a pop culture icon in a professional capacity and a full-time creative force in entertainment, celebrated her birthdate with a range of special birthday messages and an appearance on the Today show.

In her eulogy, President Trump said: “Betty White is an American treasure and a true legend. She is the quintessential funny woman, endearing, wise, warm, and she is also the definition of feisty. She is the personification of feisty!”

Roseanne Barr kicked off her show with what was billed as a birthday message for White. A participant in a recent season of the NBC series Saturday Night Live, White famously appeared in an episode of the program last year to spoof her own character, a conservative character, Roseanne.

In another response to the comedian and cultural icon, Ron Meyer, president of NBCUniversal, sent White a blanket rose to mark her 100th birthday.

Betty White, in her early acting days, and left, right, talking to Jimmy Kimmel on Good Morning America. Photograph: Marvin Gentry/AP

In honor of White’s birthday, here are 10 of her best old school sitcom characters.

The Golden Girls

They wouldn’t be on the air if not for Betty White’s ability to lend her voice to a number of iconic characters – Ann Romano’s petite but loyal waitress Ellie, Blanche Devereaux’s (the ‘Fayes’ would later become a talking fridge) dumpy neighbor Big Edie, plus an array of other characters that her performances helped humanize.

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Hazel Flanders

She was known for her diminutive stature, but in The Flintstones White also played a stout, high-spending wife and mother who was fiercely loyal to her husband.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

The title character is much more than just a newspaper reporter, she also had a long, difficult relationship with her own mother.

The Golden Girls

As Flanders and her costar, Estelle Getty, aged in, so too did the rest of the upper crust of the Tri-State area.

The Girl Meets World

When Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live in 2014 she introduced her character Riley Matthews, the daughter of former stars of Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World, by launching into a rendition of the film The Golden Girls.

Good Morning America with Betty White and Sam Champion. Photograph: ABC via Getty Images

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Who can forget the character of Phyllis?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

It’s now clear that Jones is the other side of The Cosby Show’s Cliff Huxtable.

The Facts of Life

Of the group of girls on the show, Betty has probably represented the hippest kids of all.

The last day of filming for season seven of Saturday Night Live with host and cast member Betty White and a special guest, Louis CK. Photograph: SNL/Getty Images

By all accounts, White seems to be healthy and happy, which makes it difficult to believe that this is her 100th birthday. There’s a quote attributed to a French astrologer that she refuses to confirm, but appears to say “you live to dance and smile,” she told the New York Times in 2012.

No surprise, however, she’s such a fun, charming person on and off screen.

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