Ben Affleck in public statement on depression

Affleck has clarified remarks about his marriage to Garner, in an interview with Hollywood Elsewhere

In a lengthy statement about the impact of depression on his split from Jennifer Garner, Affleck has sought to clarify comments he made in a recent interview in which he discussed drinking and the effect that the breakup of his marriage had on his health.

Affleck said: “Life is too short to be drinking and parenting. I got to stop. I have two beautiful kids who are my world and deserve nothing less.”

It is the second time Affleck has sought to clear up his recent comments. He had also quoted from what he thought was a drunken conversation with Garner, as “an interesting, colourful way to explain why divorce is so hard.”

It has since emerged that the talk was a prerecorded interview, where he had been asked by a fan about how he stays so upbeat and positive in the face of the stress of his professional life.

“I didn’t mean to make light of the situation,” Affleck said. “I’m very excited that I’m getting to a place with the rehab that I went to and also with Jennifer where she’s moved out and we’re refocusing on the family unit, and there’s a great deal of love there.”

Affleck was first hospitalised on 9 April after he collapsed in the middle of a coffee shop while watching TV. He spent about a week in hospital before continuing working on his comedy Triple Frontier. He said: “That kind of thing can have an enormous impact on someone’s career. I didn’t feel it’s appropriate to be documenting the circumstances [of my collapse].”

Affleck’s message of self-improvement followed a loss in the legal drama of his war and espionage thriller, The Revenant. He said: “We win every time. But I don’t want that to be the story of my career and it’s nobody’s business. It’s so unjustified.”

Earlier this year, he suffered a concussion when he was assaulted by a group of muggers at the Cannes film festival. While the perpetrators were jailed for eight years in 2017, Affleck was cleared of “cheating” the system.

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