A batswoman was fined for using the term ‘covid-19’ on Twitter

On Monday, a social media campaign using the term “covid-19” — referring to the number of spectators at this year’s Cape Town Cricket World Cup, after England’s women had been caught trying to copy each other’s score — went viral. On Wednesday, a “severe code of conduct” was handed down to English women’s team batter Nicola Brown, after she was seen to be using the hashtag.

But as FIFA’s head of the women’s World Cup, Jérôme Valcke, had warned in an interview with The Times last month:

“‘sport in itself is always more brutal than society and other mediums. And women’s sport is not free of that. You see lots of naked girls at the gym, you see women on telly, of course. So you have to take that into account. The question is: ‘Do you give in to that?’ “Do you tell women to cover themselves, to put on tights or other things?” “I would not necessarily like to see that in the context of rugby or football and that is why the tournament is focused on raising the issue about gender equality.”

Efforts to eradicate sexism from cricket, however, have proven unsuccessful. South Africa cricket fans feel the same way about umpires — and actually invented a song to convey their frustration. The lyrics, via The Guardian:

Eff you, you TK Yuvabe Witch women, for you are stupid and offensive Ewe Ewe Ewe Ewe

Check it out:

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